The waterfalls of Island

          Island is famous for the beautiful nature and breathtaking landscapes. The waterfalls are for sure one of its elements. On the territory of the whole country there are nearly 10 000 waterfalls, yet it is worth paying particular attention to some of them.

1. Skogafoss

It measures over 60m of height and 25m of width, and with its shape it represents an almost perfect rectangle. With the crumb of lack a rainbow surfacing out of water is possibile to be seen. It is worth going to the top of the hill through the path in order to have a wonderful view for the waterfall out of there.

2. Selfoss

11m of height and much more metres of width. From here we are taking a walk and having gone one kilometre, we are at Dettifoss.

3. Dettifoss

Foaming waves, load sound and drops of water on the face- it is what we will experience here. Dettifoss is only 45m high and 100m wide, but the scene which the waterfall plays, shows ua  the real power of the element- the power produced by the water going through Dettifoss amounts to 85 megawatts. It means that this waterfall would be able to energise a city of 100 thousand inhabitants. The interesting thing is that the opening scene of ‘Prometheus’ directed by Ridley Scott was shot right here.

4. Gullfoss

Gullfoss is so called ‘Golden Waterfalls’ which consists of two cascades- the first one is 11m high, and the second- 21m high. The water coming from the Hvitá River is beating the basaltic stones and is falling down from two brinks, creating a marvelous view. Along the waterfall there are paths thanks to which it is possuble to stand very close to the water. The swirling water together with the sunshine create a golden glow, which can explain the name of the waterfall.

5. Seljalandsfoss

In my opinion Seljalandsfoss is the most picturesque waterfall of Island and the huge plus is that you can see it from the inside. Right in front of us we will see a great water curtain through which sunshine will break in a light day. The water of Seljalandsfoss, according to the laws of gravity, falls down from 60m cliff freely and gracefully. When admiring the waterfall from behind, I recommend wearing a waterproof jacket since the drops of spattering water and its coolness are significantly felt.

6. Svartifoss

Situated in the area of Skaftafell National Park, the Svartifoss waterfall is also called the Black Waterfall because of the dark basaltic forms which cover its walls. Those characteristic forms were created as a consequence of cooling down the lava after the next volcanic eruptions. The interesting fact is that Svartifoss was an inspiration for the Icelandic architekt when designing the Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik.

2 thoughts on “The waterfalls of Island

  1. Wow…. ! What amazing waterfalls.

    Despite of hate the cold weather it seems that worth a go. What a sunset in Seljalandsfoss you had… luck one. 😉

    Keep it writing as you do I loved to read it.

    Beijos, B.B.

    1. Thank you!
      I think that the marvelous views will compensate the windy weather, so I highly recommend visiting it. And yes, I was lucky with the sunset in that place, was amazing to admire the landscape like this 🙂

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