Marsaxlokk – we are in a fairy tale

          Marsaxlokk was not my priority when it comes to the places which I had to visit in Malta necessarily, yet the view of colourful little boats in the postcards ‘forced’ me to head for this place. Unfortunately, to get to this small locality, first you have to go to Valletta, and there change the bus to the direct one (line 81).

The name Marsaxlokk (at first I didn’t know how to pronounce this word correctly) derives from the word ‘marsa’ which means ‘port’ and ‘xlokk’ – a term used to describe the wind going from Sahara. One should remember that the name of the town may be written also as ‘M’Xlokk’. Marsaxlokk for many centuries has been associated with fishing, and to date every Sunday a fish market takes place here. Yet, also during other days of the week it is possibile to eat delicious fish and other seafood, which stands for one of the reasons why it is worth visiting this small fishing village. Out of season there are not many tourists, which significantly acts in favour of this place. The tables are put offshore, where you can buy various things – from toys and clothes for children, to sweet Maltese delicacies.

What is another reason to go to the end of the island? To see one of the most popular symbols of Malta, namely, luzzu – the traditional Maltese fishing boats. They are a riot of colours, yet the dominant ones are yellow, red and blue. The graved on a stern Osiris’s eyes are supposed to guard and protect the fishermen from dangers. The boats present themselves incredibly in the sunlight and thanks to the picturesqueness of this place it is easy to fall in love with it and feel like in a fairytale.

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