Jökulsarlón – my small Antarctica

      Drifting ice floes of hundreds colours is just an element of the landscape of this glacial lake. Here I have confirmed my belief in the fact that snow and ice can have different colour than white. Before I left to Iceland, Jökulsarlón was my number one on the list to see and I breathed a sigh of relief when in the flesh it turned out to be even more spectacular than in the pictures. On so called diamond beach you will find ice blocks that look like crystals. If ice didn’t melt, it would be fun to make a necklace out of it. 

The lagoon was created from the diffluent glacier Vatnajökull about 60 years ago and still it exapands. The huge ice blocks drift on the sheet of water, each in its own pace. Some fall over, others fight their way and devide for smaller pieces. Yet they need a lot of time to melt and become a part of the ocean. It seems that every ice block has a different colour, from white to black. Herded ice masses make it possibile to really feel as we were in the Antarctica. It is interesting that here many films, commercials and music videos were recorded.

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