How to go to Iceland without going bankrupt

          Iceland is famous not only for its wildlife and beautiful waterfalls, but also for its quite high prices. A loaf of bread at the price of 3€ is not a surprise for us anymore, as well as the fact that one of the cheapest accommodation per night per will be found for around 50€. Browsing the offers of different travel agencies which propose the trips to and around Iceland, I got a bit frightened. Some of them are at the cost of even almost 2000€. Isn’t it then possibile to go to the wonderful island at a bit lower price? The answer is easy: where there is a will, there is a way. My point is not to forgo some things during the trip or to go hungry, yet on Iceland most of the ‘attractions’ constitutes marvels of nature, for the access to which we do not have to pay. When it comes to my own stay in Iceland, I took the food from home and I slept in a tent, mostly because I couldn’t afford to stay in ho(s)tels, but also because I have never had the opportunity to sleep in the open air before, especially in that beautiful area and I wanted to try it very much. When it comes to the transportation, we rented a car there and thanks to that we managed to travel around the whole island. I will try to show the actual issues and prices which we will have to confront with when travelling around the island, but acompanied by which, the journey to Iceland will not mean a completely empty wallet at all.

1. Car

The price of retting a car jumps up and down depending on the dates, period of renting and type of the car. If someone plans to go to deeply into the island where streets are hardly passable, surely must take the four-by-four car; in our case our mean of transport constituted an ordinary motor car for which we paid around 250€. Dividing this number by four people (at this attendance we took places in the car) gives a little bit more than 60€.

2. Petrol

Currently, prices of petrol in Iceland can hesitate between 203 – 211 coron per litre (about 1,65€/l) (1€≈124,34c) with the average car burning it would cost us around 210€. In our case, being in Iceland a while ago, for petrol we paid approximately 160€, and we drove around 2000 km. And again, going with three other people, it will be 40€ per person.

3. Tunells

An additional cost, which we had to face, is the fee for passage through the tunnels, which took us about 8€ (2€ per person).

4. Accommodation

For the accommodation I paid around 70€; if someone would sleep in the hotels every night, the cost of the whole project would probably triple.

5. Flight

Recently on the Internet all the time by accident I’ve been coming across different discounts and specials for the flights to Iceland, so if we catch a good opportunity, we can get the two way tickets even for 70€. For mine I paid about 180€ (including a half of the registered baggage).

To sum up, the price for:

  • renting a car,
  • petrol,
  • additional fees like tunnels,
  • a hostel room for 2 single nights,
  • the flight (without any promotions)

per 4 people it will cost about 670€, and per one person (dividing the costs of petrol and so on) 350€.

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