Dingli Cliffs – the southern ornaments of Malta

          The southern coast of Malta is trimmed with windy cliffs of 200-250m height. They took their name after the close locality Dingli. The easiest way to get there is to take a bus from Rabat, which we decide to do before the sunset, which during winter takes place around 5 p.m. After an hour of waiting for the transport, we manage to get there. We take 8-minute walk so as to finally see the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. Ever and again the direction plates appear – they show us where to go, yet around our eyes will see the uncut nature.

klify dingli2

In place the wind is so hard that it almost shears off our heads, and not taking a warm jacket and a cap turns out to be a ‘suicide’. I do not recommend following our example and I do recommend dressing warm clothes if you want to visit the cliffs. Yet the view compensates the feeling of frozen hands and long can you watch the sunset in front of you. There are not many people here, the visitors may be counted on one hand. Standing at the top of the rocks, you can feel like at the edge of the world. Behind me there is a field of cactuses; both on the left and right looming great rocks drowning in the water, and in front of me a magnitude of navy blue sea spreads up. It seems not to have an end.

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