Calm and charming fishing village – Siglufjörður

      Crossing Island one may go many long kilometres and may not meet a living soul. Yet eventually you will come cross some town which may be, as in our case – Siglufjörður – a charming fishing village situated in a fjord with the same name.

The town is dependent on fishing industry, however the herrings, which constituted the main element of the haul, vanished. In the locality that numbers slightly more than 1400 inhabitants, we will find many charming buildings which are ablaze with colours in a sheet of water, fishing boats with different taints which perfectly fit into the mountains covered with snow. Here can we also visit the Herring Era Museum which reminds of the passed glory days of the town and in which we can learn about the exact stages of fish processing. It’s worth coming here to truly feel the incredible atmosphere of the North where peace is mixed with the air.

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