Black as onyx and obsydian Vík Beach

        Black as onyx, obsydian, liquorice or soot. Pitchily and ravenny black. It is believed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Tiny shiny black pebbles make a pleasant noise under my feet, and the sound of breaking waves upon the great rocks buzzes in my ears. Wide, empty, majestic, calm and furious at the same time–  this is what the Vík Beach is. The rocks that resemble dragon’s back poke out of the water. Right at the shore there is a basaltic cave which then resembles the organs by its shape. This is the magic and eerie place where scenes of ‘Harry Potter’ were shot.

Also, there is Dyrholaey very close to that place. Here we can admire the natural arch that comes directly from the water.

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